Sermon 101: An Interview with Evangelist Mark Herbster

There are two sides to every sermon.

First, every sermon needs a preacher. For years and years, pastors have delivered sermons weekly. Often, they present between two and three messages a week. But the preacher is not the only person in the room.

Every sermon also needs an audience. For years and years, congregations have come faithfully to hear their pastor preach to them. They listen, reflect, and try to apply his sermons to their lives.

There have been some pastors that stood out from the rest because of their excellent sermons,  and after all this time, what have preachers learned about preaching, and what have congregations learned about listening?

What makes a good sermon? And how should I listen to a sermon? Welcome to Sermon 101. Continue reading “Sermon 101: An Interview with Evangelist Mark Herbster”